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宏力國際有限公司 2020 最新產品 UVSeeing 頻譜能量儀 功能強大 人性介面 超高CP值 << 10萬元有找~>> ~~~高精度 inkjet printer 設備/ 光燒結.固化 (UV, Special IR) 模組/ 導電銀漿.墨水/ 真空設備元件.耗材維修保養銷售.~~~ 台灣研發製造 晶圓 Erase製程專用 UV 254nm 柵型低壓汞燈 適用於美國 Spectronics. JeLight. 以及新加坡 CEI 設備 另可提供客製燈管服務~~~ 優惠特價--- BOCEdwards STP A803WA VG160 數顆, 8,500.-USD/顆, 價可議...17套 島津SHIMADZU TMP4203 & 5套 島津 SHIMADZU TMP4304 近全新, 超值優惠價,歡迎洽詢...~~~宏力國際於2019.06 開始提供 adixen. Pheiffer. Varian 全系列 Turbo Pump overhaul 維修保養, 高效率. 高品質. 合理化成本的服務. 誠摯歡迎您的洽詢...
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HonesTrader Intl Ltd.   

    Specializing in semiconductor and optoelectronic industry related equipment, component consumables, technical consulting, to provide you with the most immediate, efficient, and friendly solutions; Printing Electronic, Vacuum Prats, New Displays Pioneer technologies such as Advanced Display Technology and Smart Sensor Application are the areas HonesTrader is committed to promote at this stage. Adhering to the spirit of mission, we are dedicated and looking forward to achieve WIN-WIN with you.

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Services: Inkjet Printer...,UV-LED Special IR,Turbo Pump,Vacuum Equipment Consumables Parts,Conductive and insulating Materials,Smart Packaging Technology

HonesTrader International Limited.

30267 No. 9, Aly. 17, Ln. 398, Sec. 1, Fenggang Rd.,
Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan

TEL: +886-(0)3-5551161   

FAX: +886-(0)3-5551310 

Mobile: +886-(0)936-929099

Email: info@honestrader.com.t