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高精度 OLED 膜厚光學量測
High-Precision OLED Measurement System4
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宏力國際有限公司 2020 最新產品 UVSeeing 頻譜能量儀 功能強大 人性介面 超高CP值~~~ 高精度 inkjet printer 設備/ 光燒結.固化 (UV, Special IR) 模組/ 導電銀漿.墨水/ 真空設備元件.耗材維修保養銷售.~~~ 台灣研發製造晶圓 Erase製程專用 UV 254nm 柵型低壓汞燈適用於美國 Spectronics. JeLight. CEI 設備 可提供客製燈管服務 歡迎洽詢...~~~2021 宏力國際提供全系列 Pillar Pump 維修保養, 高效率. 高品質. 合理化成本的服務. 誠摯歡迎您的洽詢...

German high-precision OLED film thickness measurement system, providing online / offline. Single-layer / multi-layer film measurement solution; Modular design, in addition to supporting traditional glass flat-film coating measurement, it can also be installed in R2R production line for real-time measurement , the density and distribution of measurement points can be freely matched according to the specifications formulated by the customer ...


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